What to expect from our investment-driven design process.

You're on your way to joining our +400 clients
in building your dream property.

Quality design with
transparency & advocacy

We combine top quality design services with a unique investment-driven planning process emphasizing transparency and advocacy from start to finish.


Investment-driven design is the only solution.

By letting your investment drive the design process, we're able to sculpt the project to fit your budget. Our advanced project estimating and value engineering software assures that what we plan with you, we design and build for you — on schedule and on budget.


Our goals are aligned with yours.

We believe in fostering a collaborative partnership built on trust and integrity.

Complete transparency

We are committed (and contractually responsible!) to providing you with ultimate visibility and control over the cost of your project, from concept to completion. 

Client advocacy

We will act as your advocates in the marketplace, working to ensure that you’re getting the best possible value for your project at every step.

Single point of accountability

We take care of everything. There’s only one phone call to make, and one firm accountable for the success of your project. All fingers point to us.


Our unique approach to investment-driven design is founded in the guiding principle: 'Don’t spend a ton of money on design unless it’s going to be built'. Our goal is to help you establish project viability as quickly and economically as possible.



Your vision. Our expertise. Our integrated costing and design process ensures that you’re never “designing in the dark”. Your design is aligned with your budget at every step. No unwanted surprises!



When the design is done, the budget is done. We can get started on building your dream right away! In preparation for the build, we will be working diligently to ensure that your project will move through construction on schedule and on budget. 


Deliverables built for sucess

Upon completion of the Project Viability Study (phase 1 of our pre-construction process), you will have a clear understanding of your preliminary design and budgetary options, plus a framework in place to facilitate the process of crafting the project to fit your budget.

Whether or not you elect to pursue the project at this time, you will retain all editable root files as well as the hard copies and PDFs of the following reports, spreadsheets and design drawings.

The value of these deliverables stands for itself — not only in achieving the peace of mind that you’ve done your due diligence by exploring your options, but in the potential application for future remodeling projects. We have also found that these documents can be indispensable in maximizing your disaster insurance protection and claim reimbursements.

Investment Plan & ROI Analysis
Due Diligence Report
Point Cloud 3D Site Scan
Existing Conditions Drawings
Existing Conditions Drawings
Preliminary Proposed Drawings
Preliminary Budget Spreadsheet


Architectural Design
Collaboration with Outside Services
Due Diligence
Research & Reporting
Permitting Strategy & Activity
Site Discovery by Project Manager
Site Discovery by Carpenter

Terms & Conditions

We believe in fostering a collaborative partnership built on trust and integrity.


Billings will be issued every two weeks and will include a fully transparent accounting of work done by BSI employees (in 15 minute increments) and other expenses during that billing period. Payment due 7 days from receipt of invoice. Client has the right to question any expenses within 7 days from receipt of invoice


Client acknowledges that verbal or preliminary (non-market-sourced) estimates provided by BSI are for directional purposes only. Additions, alterations, layout or process changes requested by the Client may alter time and/or cost.

Limited Client Commitment 

Client may discontinue or re-start Pre-Construction work at any time for any reason. Client is not required to complete Pre-Construction work for project using BSI. This agreement does not bind Client to sign a Construction Contract with BSI.

Standard Mark-up & Contractual Warranty

Costs incurred by BSI (e.g. outside services, Subcontractor’s expenses, materials, pre-order items, permit and application fees, etc.) will be billed with an industry competitive mark-up of 20%. All Pre-Construction expenses will be paid by BSI and will be subject to this mark-up and the full contractual warranty.